"I write because by writing i find beauty.
To speak about terror or human cruelty is
to seek a way for beauty and justice.
To write is to go against.
All my novels, historical or not, are the way:
From the soul to the soul."

Sunday, 13 April 2014



The book contains theatrical plays: The Glass Box,
Antigone Or the Nostalgia of Tragedy
 and Bidding you farewell.
Also, introduction by the editor Rhoda Kaufman.

“In her writing, Maria Lampadaridou Pothou struggles always to get at true reality, that which is hidden “on the other side” of objects, in the invisible world. Movement in her writing is between the visible and supernatural worlds. Images of light in darkness, of fissures in time and space, of restless souls and secret passages, appear recurrently in her work. In these ways, her poetry and prose are reminiscent of work by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabella Alliende, and Salman Rushdie.”

Professor of Drama, California State University Hayward.

Guernica Publications, Canada (2002)