"I write because by writing i find beauty.
To speak about terror or human cruelty is
to seek a way for beauty and justice.
To write is to go against.
All my novels, historical or not, are the way:
From the soul to the soul."

Friday, 25 June 2010

"LOVE ME... and other tales"

New book for children 2015




“Love me”….
The voice was soft and smooth as a whisper, as if it had in it all the tenderness of the world.
Maria Nefele, was surprised.
It was right the moment that her younger brother was enjoying his birthday gifts and all the people around him, cameras on hand were cheering happily.
She was sitting back in a corner, almost forgotten, and was watching. She wanted to be happy about her younger brother, because she loved him a lot, but there was something bitter that made her eyes full of tears.
She wished she could be first or, better, the only one in her mother’s heart. She didn’t know that love is immense in a way, which can embrace all the loved ones.
The little red train among the many presents that her younger brother got that day was the best. It was really whistling like a real train. And Maria-Nefele wished that it would be hers and that she would travel with it. Oh!! What great adventures she would have lived with it…
She felt tired and sleepy eyes, when all of a sudden; a wind blew into the room. She tried to move but she couldn’t. And the only thing she could do, was to watch the wind twisting in circles all over her younger brother until it finally got him inside, grabbed him and disappeared.
She then, managed to get up. “Thank God I have my shinny silver shoes on” she thought. It was her godmother’s gift on her birthday, and she really like them a lot. These were a kind o ballet flat shinny silver shoes, the color the full moon of August, with strings that she was tied them high up to the knee…She really believed that they were magical.
Nefele quickly put on her red overcoat and run to catch the wind.
But, right then she heard again, that strange voice calling her and whispering, “love me”…
She turns towards the voice, and Oh!!! She saw in front of her eyes, a beautiful flower in the shape of a rose. The flower was blue and had some gold and red strand as if it was painted.
Nefele looked at the flower and replied, “but, I do not know how to love a Blue Rose”, and she saw right away, the sadness of the rose, turning its petals dark.
Then the rose, twisted its stem towards the ground, as if to kiss the soil, and right away, straighten up this thin body of his, so as not to show that its pride was hurt.
“And I thought that we could be friends” said to Maria Nefele,”I feel kind of lonely”…
The little girl came closer to the rose and looked at it with admiration. She had never before seen such a beautiful rose with blue petals, and the smell that it was coming from it was soft as velvet and sweet…
-“ If you want me to love you, you have to be unique for me, just like the little Prince’s rose”, Maria Nefele said to the rose.
-“Oh!!!! That was the luckiest rose ever, replied the blue rose, its petals dark and dull from sadness. “I always dreamed to become unique for a beautiful creature myself”…
Maria Nefele realized that the word “beautiful” that the rose had said, was for her, and smiled. But, she had no time to spare now, She really had to rush and get this angry wind that had taken her younger brother away.
-“I have to go, I have to get on time in the valleys of colors, to look for my little brother she said and her eyes became dark of sadness. Maybe, it’s my fault that he is in trouble, I have to tell him how much I love him”…
The rose, spoke no word but its petals got small drops of mist, or were they tears?
She then leaned towards it and touched with her soft cheek the velvet petals. And the rose shivered…
-“Thank you” said to Maria Nefele and filled the air with its beautiful smell while stretching its stem in order to hide its tears.
-“I might one day become worthy of your love” …
But Maria Nefele was really much in a hurry. She buttoned down her red cape, tied up her silver shoes and was ready to leave, when she suddenly heard the rose telling her…
-“ Be careful when you reach the blue valley, ‘cause is there where the Wizard of the Spider has his tower. And when you find Elia, just tell him that I keep a secret for him.”…
-“How do you know my brother’s name? How do you know what have happened? Maria Nefele, surprised asked the rose.
-“ I heard the big trees talking about it, and the water running in the white river, and all the creatures in the forest and the birds, it’s only about this that they talk.”…
Maria Nefele was stunned and speechless
-“ And how do you know about the Spider Wizard and the blue valley?”…
But the blue rose did not answer to her questions.
-“Go, go, said on the contrary, hurry up don’t be late, and it will get dark. I will be waiting for you right here.”…

Maria Nefele realized that with her silver lacey shoes she could fly.
And she was really happy about it
She was really flying, like a huge bird, over the trees and the running waters of the rivers, her little hands spread as if they were wings. And she was looking at the little creatures in the forest that were looking back at her flabbergasted.
It’s Elia’s sister a snow-white rabbit said to a turtle.
-Oh! But we have to talk to her, before she gets to the blue valley, a squirrel said.
-She has to know…. And he kept climbing in an oak tree.
-I heard her calling her younger brother, and her eyes were full of tears, it was the time that I was flying next to her, and she was calling him Elia , Elia, said a little sparrow…
Meanwhile Maria Nefele, had stopped flying and she was standing on top of a tall silver leaved birch, that was believed to be the tree of life and on her branches had written