"I write because by writing i find beauty.
To speak about terror or human cruelty is
to seek a way for beauty and justice.
To write is to go against.
All my novels, historical or not, are the way:
From the soul to the soul."

About Maria


Maria L. Pothos, novelist, playwright, poet and literary critic, was born on the island of Lemnos, Greece. She was educated at the Panteion University of Athens and later at the Sorbonne, as a fellow of the French government. While in Paris, she met Samuel Beckett, with whom she corresponded for several years.
Some of her work has been translated and published into English, French, and Swedish and is being taught at universities in Greece and abroad. She has also written theatrical plays, which have been performed in Greece by the National Theatre and other companies, as well as abroad.
Her literary work has been honoured on several occasions. She has received: 

The Greek State Theatre Prize in 2001, for the play Floating Night. 
The First Prize of the Ouranis Foundation of the Athens Academy in 1996, for her novel With the Storm Lamp.
The prize from the Athens Academy for her historical novel Maroula of Lemnos.

Her collection of poetry The Mystic Passage was nominated by the Greek Ministry of Culture for the Prize of Europe in 1991.

Five doctoral degrees have been done based on her novels, two in Bari University Italy, and three in Greece.

She is a member of the Hellenic Author's Society, the Association of Greek Playwrights, and the International Institute of Theatre.

She has published numerous articles, critical reviews, and essays in literary magazines and daily newspapers (e.g. To Vima, Kathimerini, Eleftherotypia).

Her latest novel is Thirsty burns me, by Patakis Publications, in 2013.
She currently lives in Athens with her husband Minos Pothos and their son.

In 2014 has been published, by Patakis publications, the novel for yang people "Interview with the valley ghost"
And in 2015, recently, has been published a book for children, three tales, by the title: "LOVE ME..."

Now, it is prepared to be published my essay book about the Samuel Beckett's work, completed by new texts and extracts from his letters. It will be published by editions "Enastron".

Also, it is prepared to be published my bio book "The routes of my life" by editions Patakis. It is a book created by my diary's notes.

                                                       Montmartre Paris, 1970                      

Just as we sometimes dream that something eventful is happening outside our home, and we must hurry, but in our dream we are unable to tie the cord of our shoe or button up our clothes, and because of this unimportant detail we know that we miss something significant, we miss the stirring event that takes place outside our home, somewhere outside our lives, in that other reality that baffles us, that continuously slips away and disappears, just like that essential thing, which constitutes the meaning and the truth of our lives, and the agony is intense.
I have lived in a similar agony as a writer and as a human being.
Gratuitous Autumns

"Πώς καμιά φορά ονειρευόμαστε ότι κάτι σημαντικό γίνεται έξω
από το σπίτι μας και πρέπει να βιαστούμε, αλλά δεν μπορούμε 
μέσα  στο όνειρο να δέσουμε το κορδόνι στο παπούτσι μας ή να

κουμπώσουμε το ρούχο μας, και γι' αυτή την ασήμαντη
λεπτομέρεια ξέρουμε πως χάνουμε κάτι σπουδαίο, χάνουμε αυτό το
συνταρακτικό που συντελείται κάπου έξω από το σπίτι μας, κάπου
έξω από τη ζωή μας, σ' αυτή την άλλη πραγματικότητα που μας
διαφεύγει, που ολοένα γλιστρά και χάνεται όπως το ουσιώδες,
όπως αυτό που είναι το νόημα και η αλήθεια της ζωής μας, και η
αγωνία μεγάλη.
Μέσα σε μια παρόμοια αγωνία έζησα ως συγγραφέας και ως
 "Δωρεάν Φθινόπωρα"



                                                 Marina and Theofilos, Lemnos 2014